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Credit cards and women

Days ago, a colleague and friend carried out a presentation on marketing and advertising to women for an organization that promotes the empowerment of women. It struck me that among the executives present there was a very large delegation of women belonging to a very important international credit card. This led me to make some reflections on credit cards and women. In general, women complain that marketing and advertising do not understand them as women. Because they constrain them to very traditional [...]
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Some companies that already have benefited from applying inclusive marketing

"The Dove campaign ads have been so successful because they are aspirational but also reachable for real women." *Dr Joyce Brothers, Advertising Age This is the difference between leading companies and the rest. Leaders see opportunities earlier. And this is no secret. Some companies that already have benefited from applying inclusive marketing. Cars: Banks: Aviation: [...]
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The international women´s day: all year long

Internationally, on March the 8th. we celebrate the International Women's Day. In Latin America, instead,  we talk about "the woman"  as if there is only one way of being a woman. And we celebrate also March as "the woman month" with promotions and offers addressed to her. But in fact, in the rest of the world, it is "Women's day", because there are different ways of being a woman. But what happens the rest of the year? Women become invisible and it seems that the rest of the year belongs to men. And [...]
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