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Advertisements toxic ... very toxic

An Argentine beer brand leader recently introduced a television commercial talking about "igualismo" between women and men from, an idea whose axis is the "war between sexism (“machismo”) and feminism" (http :/ / The "war" concept is masculine, not at all feminine. To express the idea of a war between “machismo” and feminism is to think of an antagonism between the two. In fact, “machismo” is "an attitude of arrogance of men against women" as defined by the dictionary [...]
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Ads and Mother’s Day

We want to comment an ad for mattress. We didn’t realize which the product was, in spite of a tag line saying: “We live as we dream” We didn’t know the brand ,and we thought it was an apparel ad, as it mentioned stores in different locations. The reason of our confusion was the headline: “I’m a mother, I’m a women” But what shocked us was the female model, looking at the camera aggressively, and how she was dressed: a short and low-cut dress, the stiletto shoes and in a defying attitude. Again a women [...]
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"This message is for you, Creative Men"

This is exactly the tool most often used in ads aimed at women in Argentina. "This is for you girls"; "Woman’s Wednesday: 20% off"; "Women's Day"; and women, women and girls, girls, to boredom. Also, constant use of flowers, curved lines, Italic typography, and everything in a pink color. What would you say if every time I write about creativity or creative people, I include a light bulb symbolizing the creative idea? Wouldn’t it be boring? Wouldn’t this be an absence of creativity? Well, that's what [...]
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Photoshop, lies and abuses (Abstract)

Advertising production has a male gaze. The advertising world has it too: art directors, illustrators, “retouchers” ; photographers and the film industry, all are dominated by this gaze. Women are reduced to objects. And women working inside the industry respond to the same patterns. The photoshop produce distortions; lies and abuses. It reduces models’ bodies to unreal  sizes, weakening legs, waist, hips, arms, etc. offering unreal "models". Real women do not like it. They would like to see real models [...]
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Banks, women and seduction?

The post summarizes the marketing efforts that some Argentine banks are doing, addressed to women. (Those efforts are targeted to credit and debit card consumptions exclusively) But, at the same time, the article tries to point out the gender issues not considered by these banks. Although women consumers accept the different offers, their overall satisfaction with banks and insurance companies is very poor. Banks are still not talking and not offering to women saving and investment products and, if [...]
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Why women are invisible

Women are not listened or taken into account by advertising because there is a masculine and biased thought about them. A recent Argentine TV commercial is a good example. The commercial presents working and motherhood as contradictories. But men do not think that the same happens to fatherhood. Still many men think in this way. Modern women in reality want to be working mothers and many mentioned that to be a full time mother is a bad work.
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