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The fish in the water

There recently appeared a supplement of El Cronista on "Women who are doers”. And soon after, there was a note appearing in La Nación with the title "The hour of the super powerful female publicists". Both newspaper articles suggest that there are women entrepreneurs or executives (including those in advertising agencies) that with sheer will, effort and sacrifice can reach the top. They only have to work hard and overcome difficulties. As simple as that. There is a smack of "positive thinking" — everything [...]
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A Gender Perspective to Reach Purchase Deciders

CLARIN CREATIVITY AWARDS WHAT DOES COMMUNICATION LOSE FROM THE LACK OF FEMALE CGD’S A Gender Perspective to Reach Purchase Deciders Even though 80% of purchases are still decided by women, practically all advertising is made by men. Advisable? Paula Ancery EXCLUSIVE FOR CLARIN “Advertising is a private men’s club,” fires Alberto Pierpaoli, CEO of The Gender Group and creator of Made in Femenino (Made in Female). “And this comes from someone who has been 40 years in agencies,” he continues. “After having [...]
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Marketing To Women New York

THE WORLD’S PREMIER GLOBAL SUMMIT ON MARKETING TO WOMEN #M2W - 25% Early Bird Savings (USE CODE GG25) M2W® the World’s Premier Global Summit on Marketing to Women applies a 25% discount to those attendants from Latin America to assist to the M2W®Conference in New York City on May 2 & 3 2015. M2W®, held for 12 years in the United States, helps you build business with the economic clout of today’s always evolving female consumers. Women are responsible for over 85% of purchases [...]
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Credit cards and women

Days ago, a colleague and friend carried out a presentation on marketing and advertising to women for an organization that promotes the empowerment of women. It struck me that among the executives present there was a very large delegation of women belonging to a very important international credit card. This led me to make some reflections on credit cards and women. In general, women complain that marketing and advertising do not understand them as women. Because they constrain them to very traditional [...]
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Ondamujer interviewed Alberto Pierpaoli

NahirVallejos interviews Alberto Pierpaoli, CEO of The Gender Group, in connection with the appearance of his ebook, Mal-tratadas por marketing (Mis-treated by marketing), in Ondamujer, a radial website run by women for women. Link:  
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Inspiring Change. For the recognition of equality for women consumption.

(Abstract) This article refers to the International Women's Day 2014 theme, published by United Nations. UN developed seven areas around it and this article proposes an eighth: the recognition of equality for women consumption. Even though women are responsible for 80/85 % of consumption, business companies treat them using an androcentric perspective: they look at reality with masculine lenses. The gender perspective is an instrument to look at reality from a different way. This perspective questions [...]
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Reaching Gender Balance, a Twenty-First Century Goal

(Abstract) Several works of the 20-first, consulting firm are analyzed, related to the Global Gender Balance Scorecard of 100 leading firms of each of three regions: United States, Europe, and Asia, according to their development of gender balance. In addition complementary studies focused on five specific industries are considered: consumer goods, insurance, financial services, retail stores, and telecommunications. And in every industry the results of the first 10 businesses of the world are considered. [...]
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Big Brother shows who we are – we're incredibly sexists!

(Abstract) UN Women published a series of ads based on Google searches in English to show the prevalence of sexism and discrimination with women. The newspaper El País of Madrid made similar searches in Spanish and the author did them in Italian, French and Portuguese. In all cases he noticed the same sexism. This is a proof of the difficulty of advancing toward a more equitable global society in gender and more egalitarian between women and men. The same accounts for Twitter. This happens before our [...]
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If women come together, it will be impossible to continue ignoring their voices

(Abstract) The Best Buy case is mentioned, a consumer electronic store chain, who asked its female consumers and employees what they wanted from Best Buy as women. This is an industry where 57% of consumption is made by women. Best Buy improved its relationship with their female consumers and employees between 2003 and 2008. It did this through a series of measures that went from redesigning the stores, the way they presented their products, correcting the way they addressed women and training their [...]
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Redefinir la masculinidad

Entre el 14 y 16 de mayo pasado, el periódico inglés The Guardian, publicó tres notas diciendo que se debía volver a hablar de la masculinidad, debido al machismo creciente y la crisis de la masculinidad consecuente. Esta crisis se relacionaba, entre otras cosas, con la recesión, las luchas por los cambios sociales y el desempleo, que ya alcanzaba valores superiores al 20%. El tema preocupó a los ingleses a nivel parlamentario, puesto que, por todas esas razones, los hombres se sienten inseguros y [...]
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