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Dec 23, 2015 Alberto Pierpaoli Prensa No comments


#M2W - 25% Early Bird Savings


M2W_Logo M2W® the World’s Premier Global Summit on Marketing to Women applies a 25% discount to those attendants from Latin America to assist to the M2W®Conference in New York City on May 2 & 3 2015. M2W®, held for 12 years in the United States, helps you build business with the economic clout of today’s always evolving female consumers. Women are responsible for over 85% of purchases from their homes. M2W® gives you … the hottest trends … the best practices … the breakthrough ideas … the multi-platform know-how … and critical insights to power your brand with the power of women. "Participation helps you build better businesses , namely the latest trends and understand the evolution of today's consumers ," notes Alberto Pierpaoli , CEO of The Gender Group and creator of Made in Femenino. Pierpaoli published the ebook Mis-treated by the Marketing and now was selected member of the First Global Steering Committee for the Summit , which will be performed for first time in New York City. unnamed Lead by a multi-national Global Steering Committee, M2W®’s early highlights already include: Be the Brand Millennial Women Want – M2W® favorite speaker Jenny Darroch, Ph.D., author of Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work leads an elite brand panel to show you how to reach today’s most valuable consumers … millennial women.
  • Meet The HENRYs – Pam Danzinger, Pres. Unity Marketing and internationally acclaimed affluent marketing expert, presents marketing to women who are High Earners Not Rich Yet.
  • Secret Language – Luncheon keynote Maya Rodale, author of Dangerous Books for Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels shares the surprising market power of romance readers and what it means to brand messaging.
  • Content That Works - A signature M2W® panel from brands who have created results-driven content campaigns
  • Rise & Shine With M2W® 101 – A quick and lively review of the basics of marketing to women from the razor sharp, always entertaining Marti Barletta whose seminal book Marketing to Women has been translated in 26 languages
  • It’s A Small World - The M2W® Global Steering Committee gives you the grass roots reality of marketing to women around the world you won’t get anywhere else!
  • Check out the full early schedule here.
Renew now - save 25%, and build your brand with the power of women … connect, have fun & learn! Let’s celebrate Spring in NYC! Alberto Pierpaoli   CEO +54 11 4553-2984   Nan McCann   Presidente +1 860.724.2649 x13   Liz Fongemie   Senior VP +1 860-724-2649 x11 PS: Your 30% discount is shareable or transferable … but it expires 12/18/15 …register now & save or call or email to Nan or Liz. (For more information write or talk to Alberto)


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