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"It is fundamental that we all understand that IBM did not use marketing aimed at business women because it is the right thing to do. We used marketing aimed at women because it is a great opportunity."

Piebes Cherie, IBM
The Gender Group chose some successful cases from companies that spoke to women*: *(quoted and developed by Fara Warner in her book The Power of the Purse, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006).


  The problem: Their image was linked to children eating hamburgers and French fries. Sales per premise didn’t increase and 2002 was one of the worst in 20 years. What they decided to do: Expand the product portfolio and incorporate salads to interest parents. The solution: Upon research, they discovered the woman inside the mother. After several attempts, they developed a successful line of salads, and in 2004 they were leaders in this field. They developed other products such as apple juice and in 2005 they were leaders in apples, selling 300 million salads, 40% of which were consumed by men.  


The problem: THD was losing market to its competitor Lowe’s, who started targeting women in the 90’s. The solution: It cleaned the premises, widened the aisles and added a paints sector. It worked with an inclusive marketing concept – it made improvements for women and men. They incorporated home items and barbecue sectors, kitchen furniture, lighting and lawn tractors. They developed Do It Yourself training courses for women. By the end of 2004 they had renewed 1850 premises and over 200,000 women had taken their training workshops.  


The problem: The engagement diamond for the left hand was losing market due to the transformations of the modern world: less and later marriages, unmarried couples, increase of divorces, etc. The solution: After much research, they created a ring for the right hand different from the engagement ring, which women could buy by themselves. Upon investigation they discovered that faced with the choice of one or the other ring, in reality women didn’t want to lose the possibility of obtaining any one of them: the engagement ring that men would give them for the engagement and the other one they would buy themselves making use of their financial freedom. Supported by a successful advertising campaign that said: "The left hand rocks the crib, the right hand guides the world," they thus developed a market for the right hand worth 4 million dollars.  

Your company can be part of this list. There is no need to start with great changes. You can start little by little, with steady steps. We can talk it over.



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