Advertisements toxic ... very toxic

Feb 12, 2012 Alberto Pierpaoli Comerciales No comments

An Argentine beer brand leader recently introduced a television commercial talking about "igualismo" between women and men from, an idea whose axis is the "war between sexism (“machismo”) and feminism" (http :/ /
The "war" concept is masculine, not at all feminine. To express the idea of a war between “machismo” and feminism is to think of an antagonism between the two.
In fact, “machismo” is "an attitude of arrogance of men against women" as defined by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. We would add that it is a prejudice of male superiority and that discriminates against women as inferior.
Feminism  is a social movement that in different moments and even today, has sought and seeks the liberation of women from male domination, eliminating hierarchies and inequalities between the sexes and opposing the sexism that exists in the society in general. What feminism seeks is equality in difference, and not "igualismo".
What is very common in beer ads is that women are not taken into account. They are invisible. And when they are taken into account is to discriminate against them, treating them pejoratively as "dumb" or as if they "do not know anything", to name some common features to these ads, although in beer ads usually women are treated as a sexual object at the service of men.
For all of this we can conclude that this is a toxic ad, very toxic:
  • it poses an unreal fight:  “machismo” is not opposed to feminism, it is a violent attitude,
  • "Igualismo" is not gender equality.
The only antidote to such toxicity is to report it.


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