Ads and Mother’s Day

Nov 29, 2011 Alberto Pierpaoli Comerciales No comments

We want to comment an ad for mattress.
We didn’t realize which the product was, in spite of a tag line saying: “We live as we dream”
We didn’t know the brand ,and we thought it was an apparel ad, as it mentioned stores in different locations.
The reason of our confusion was the headline: “I’m a mother, I’m a women”
But what shocked us was the female model, looking at the camera aggressively, and how she was dressed: a short and low-cut dress, the stiletto shoes and in a defying attitude.
Again a women represented as a sexual object, although they wanted to represent a mother and a woman!
I was wondering if you are going to give as a present for a Mother’s Day a new mattress (strange no?), you will be motivated by an ad that exudes testosterone. (Because I assume the ad was addressed to men)


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