"This message is for you, Creative Men"

Sep 29, 2011 Alberto Pierpaoli Comerciales No comments

This is exactly the tool most often used in ads aimed at women in Argentina. "This is for you girls"; "Woman’s Wednesday: 20% off"; "Women's Day"; and women, women and girls, girls, to boredom. Also, constant use of flowers, curved lines, Italic typography, and everything in a pink color.
What would you say if every time I write about creativity or creative people, I include a light bulb symbolizing the creative idea? Wouldn’t it be boring? Wouldn’t this be an absence of creativity?
Well, that's what creatives lack when it comes to advertising for women. This extreme use of denotation, or obvious connotation, shows that they don’t know anything about gender. And worse, still connotes gender discrimination.
This unfortunately applies also to those people who approve the ads. It shows their knowledge deficit about how to address women with greater effectiveness.
We are in a primitive stage  of  advertising to women. Women, despite the mistakes, accept this kind of primitive ads, because they get some advantages.


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