Archives: September, 2011


"This message is for you, Creative Men"

This is exactly the tool most often used in ads aimed at women in Argentina. "This is for you girls"; "Woman’s Wednesday: 20% off"; "Women's Day"; and women, women and girls, girls, to boredom. Also, constant use of flowers, curved lines, Italic typography, and everything in a pink color. What would you say if every time I write about creativity or creative people, I include a light bulb symbolizing the creative idea? Wouldn’t it be boring? Wouldn’t this be an absence of creativity? Well, that's what [...]
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Advertising does not understand women: a few statistics

This article analyzes a report done in Argentina by the University of Quilmes and the National Women Council about TV commercials run by broadcast TV channel in Buenos Aires on last May. The purpose of the report was to monitor and analyze “symbolic violence” against women in advertising. Regarding the report, our main conclusions are: Discrimination against women is the norm in advertising in Buenos Aires. According to three indicators, advertising discriminates women in 9 out of 10 situations. Regarding [...]
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