Banks, women and seduction?

May 26, 2011 Alberto Pierpaoli Comerciales, Tendencias No comments

The post summarizes the marketing efforts that some Argentine banks are doing, addressed to women. (Those efforts are targeted to credit and debit card consumptions exclusively)
But, at the same time, the article tries to point out the gender issues not considered by these banks.
Although women consumers accept the different offers, their overall satisfaction with banks and insurance companies is very poor. Banks are still not talking and not offering to women saving and investment products and, if they offer insurance products, these are only related to minor personal or home aspects.
The article mentions the work done by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the United States regarding women and moms, and talks about the actions done by American and Canadian banks in this aspect.
Finally it points out that a cultural change is needed when marketing to women bank and financial services.


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