The international women´s day: all year long

Apr 5, 2011 Alberto Pierpaoli Oportunidades, Tendencias No comments

Internationally, on March the 8th. we celebrate the International Women's Day.
In Latin America, instead,  we talk about "the woman"  as if there is only one way of being a woman. And we celebrate also March as "the woman month" with promotions and offers addressed to her. But in fact, in the rest of the world, it is "Women's day", because there are different ways of being a woman.
But what happens the rest of the year? Women become invisible and it seems that the rest of the year belongs to men. And what is worst, when we try to address women, we believe that the right way of doing it is by using the word "woman"  everywhere or coloring all the ads in pink.
We assume that women think, behave and take decisions in the same way men do.
We do not consider the cultural gender differences. Women and men have different motivations, values, ways of choosing and making decisions. We need to take this into account all year long using strategies and communications segmented by gender. Corporations must be conscious that if they do not consider that women are different from men, what they get is unsatisfied female consumers. That's why, when we measured 25 product and services categories, we observed that women were not satisfied in the way in which they were treated as women by those industries.


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